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Connectedness to Nature: Its Impact on Sustainable Behaviors and Happiness in Children

Given the environmental problems humanity is currently facing, and considering that the future of the planet lies in the hands of children and their actions, research on the determinants of sustainable behaviors in children has become more relevant; nonetheless, studies … Continue reading

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Climate Change Helped Drive Homo sapiens’ Cousins Extinct

Sharp drops in global temperatures helped seal the fate of three extinct hominin species, including our close relatives, the Neanderthals, according to thousands of archaeological specimens and a model of past climate conditions. The branch on the tree of life … Continue reading

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Antropoceno, crise da biodiversidade e extinção

Pela sexta vez, desde que surgiu vida na Terra, estamos à beira de extinção em massa de espécies. Seria a primeira desde o fim dos dinossauros, há 65,5 milhões de anos. Que é o fenômeno. Qual o papel do ser … Continue reading

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L’inquinamento atmosferico altererebbe la morfologia cerebrale

Mentre l’inquinamento atmosferico è stato a lungo considerato un problema per la salute polmonare e cardiovascolare, solo negli ultimi dieci anni gli scienziati hanno rivolto la loro attenzione ai suoi effetti sul cervello. I ricercatori dell’Università della California hanno trovato … Continue reading

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Agricultural diversification promotes multiple ecosystem services without compromising yield

Enhancing biodiversity in cropping systems is suggested to promote ecosystem services, thereby reducing dependency on agronomic inputs while maintaining high crop yields. We assess the impact of several diversification practices in cropping systems on above- and below ground biodiversity and … Continue reading

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Why People Harm the Environment Although They Try to Treat It Well

Anthropogenic climate changes stress the importance of understanding why people harm the environment despite their attempts to behave in climate friendly ways. This paper argues that one reason behind why people do this is that people apply heuristics, originally shaped … Continue reading

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What our response to the Covid-19 pandemic tells us of our capacity to respond to climate change

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, many governments are currently implementing urgent, costly and radical measures to slow down the spread of the pandemic. Many of these measures result in very significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric … Continue reading

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The Effects of an Ecological Diversifying Experience on Creativity

Sometimes, life houses rare and unexpected events, such as moving abroad or meeting a special person unexpectedly. Recently, these situations have been indicated as “diversifying experiences” (DEs), defined as unusual and unexpected events that drag people outside their daily routine … Continue reading

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Environmental Health Literacy

This book explores various and distinct aspects of environmental health literacy (EHL) from the perspective of investigators working in this emerging field and their community partners in research. Chapters aim to distinguish EHL from health literacy and environmental health education … Continue reading

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Creating sustainable societies: developing emerging professionals through transforming current mindsets

Future professionals will bear the brunt of creating sustainable societies. Equipping them for the task is the challenge of current educators. Educational experiences facilitating the development of sustainable habits of mind are needed. This research reports on the experiences of … Continue reading

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