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Biodiversity increases the Resistance of Ecosystem productivity to Climate extremes

It remains unclear whether biodiversity buffers ecosystems against climate extremes, which are becoming increasingly frequent worldwide. Early results suggested that the ecosystem productivity of diverse grassland plant communities was more resistant, changing less during drought, and more resilient, recovering more … Continue reading

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FairWild – A Fair Deal for People and Wild Collected Plants

We aim to provide a worldwide framework for implementing a sustainable, fair and value-added management and trading system for wild-collected natural ingredients and products thereof. We encourage sustainable and fair business practices and focus on influencing consumer choice. We inform, … Continue reading

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Bringing back lost Biodiversity

Over millions of years animals have gone extinct, species have been driven out of their habitats and forests have disappeared. But how are conservationists and geneticists trying to re-establish what has been lost? De-extinction is just one way in which … Continue reading

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La Biodiversité, son Évolution et ses Croisements avec l’Humanité

L’espèce humaine crée avec beaucoup d’application les conditions d’une sixième extinction de toutes les espèces. L’homme, explique Gilles Boeuf, titulaire de la Chaire Développement durable au Collège de France, est la seule espèce au monde qui prolifère en détruisant l’univers … Continue reading

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Five Agricultural Innovations to Improve Biodiversity

According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, a quarter of the world’s known plant species—some 60,000 to 100,000 species—are threatened with extinction. And even though plants may not receive as much attention as endangered animals, they are essential. Among their many … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Biodiversity a key Climate Change buffer

Experiments suggest that biodiversity enhances the ability of ecosystems to maintain multiple functions, such as carbon storage, productivity, and the buildup of nutrient pools (multifunctionality). However, the relationship between biodiversity and multifunctionality has never been assessed globally in natural ecosystems. … Continue reading

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