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Climate changes faster than animals adapt

Climate change can threaten species and extinctions can impact ecosystem health. It is therefore of vital importance to assess to which degree animals can respond to changing environmental conditions – for example by shifting the timing of breeding – and … Continue reading

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Animals that Self-medicate

Many animal species have created their own pharmacies from ingredients that commonly occur in nature. Birds, bees, lizards, elephants, and chimpanzees all share a survival trait: They self-medicate. These animals eat things that make them feel better, or prevent disease, … Continue reading

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The Termite and the Architect – Animal Homes resist our Understanding

Could Pearce, working with a construction firm, devise a design that relied solely on passive, natural climate control? Pondering the problem, Pearce found inspiration in the termite mounds that dotted the savannas across his country. The largest mounds could reach … Continue reading

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