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The Inequalities of Climate Change

Climate change is inextricably linked to economic inequality: it is a crisis that is driven by the greenhouse gas emissions of the ‘haves’ that hits the ‘have-nots’ the hardest. In this briefing Oxfam demonstrates the extent of global carbon inequality … Continue reading

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Climate change and agriculture: Implications for the world’s poor

Those who rely on agriculture for their livelihoods are among the most vulnerable to climate change – they also happen to be among the world’s poorest. This column argues that policymakers have a duty to help them adapt. It adds … Continue reading

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How can poor people benefit from payments for ecosystem services?

Forests for firewood, streams for irrigation, wetlands for flood defence: we all need natural systems to support and protect us, but it is many of the world’s poorest people who are most dependent on these ecosystem services. How can these … Continue reading

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Disasters Merging: Tropic of Chaos

Read Tropic of Chaos,  Christian Parenti‘s epic new book, revolves around what the author refers to as catastrophic convergence, the “collision of political, economic and environmental disasters.” Catastrophic convergence is a culmination of the compounding and amplifying effects of adverse … Continue reading

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Barefoot Economics, Poverty and Why The U.S. is Becoming an “Underdeveloping Nation”

Read Today we begin with Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef. He won the Right Livelihood Award in 1983, two years after the publication of his book Outside Looking In: Experiences in Barefoot Economics.  I began by asking him to explain just … Continue reading

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