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Grassroots Innovations – researching sustainability from the bottom-up

Grassroots innovations are community-led solutions for sustainability. They can offer promising new ideas and practices, but often struggle to scale up and spread beyond small niches. This website presents the latest news and updates from a series of research projects … Continue reading

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Innovation, Sustainability and Democracy: An Analysis of Grassroots Contributions

In this paper, we introduce an area of activity that has flourished for¬†decades in all corners of the globe, namely grassroots innovation for sustainable¬†development. We also argue why innovation, in general, is a matter for democracy.¬†Combining these two points, we … Continue reading

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“Green from the Grassroots” by Elinor Ostrom

Much is riding on the United Nations Rio+20 summit. Many are billing it as Plan A for Planet Earth and want leaders bound to a single international agreement to protect our life-support system and prevent a global humanitarian crisis. Inaction … Continue reading

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