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City Regions as Landscapes for People, Food and Nature

This paper is focused on how agriculture – including the natural and cultural resources that sustain people in and around cities, and even in remote rural areas – provides important and reciprocal benefits to the sustainable development of both rural … Continue reading

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Dramatic Changes in Arctic Food Chain

The collapse of Greenland’s lemming population cycle has disastrous consequences for a number of predators. Arctic predators are facing a hungry future. A dramatic collapse in the population of Greenland’s only rodent – the collared lemming – means that the … Continue reading

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A Healthy Diet helps the Environment

More fruit, vegetables and whole grains, less meat, more locally-grown produce, more seasonal raw materials, more natural foods, more seafood and more ecology. Eat this and you’ll be following the principles of the New Nordic Diet – and you’ll also … Continue reading

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Mudanças Climáticas e Crise Alimentar

O aquecimento global tem provocado efeitos climáticos extremos, como por exemplo, muita seca em algumas regiões e muita chuva em outras. A seca nos EUA em 2012 deve repercutir em todo o mundo, pois a economia americana é responsável por … Continue reading

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Eaters, beware: Walmart is taking over our food system

In just a few short years, Walmart has become the most powerful force in our food system, more dominant than Monsanto, Kraft, or Tyson. It was only 23 years ago that Walmart opened its first supercenter, a store with a … Continue reading

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Is feeding nine billion people possible?

Yes, but only with more sustainable agriculture, says international team of scientists. “Feeding the nine billion people anticipated to live on Earth in 2050 without exhausting the Earth’s natural resources is possible, provided that we adopt a more sustainable food … Continue reading

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Investing in ecosystem services can boost food security

New report on how to avoid water scarcity and meet growing food demands. Recognising healthy ecosystems as the basis for sustainable water resources and stable food security can help produce more food per unit of agricultural land, improve resilience to … Continue reading

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Our Dwindling Food Variety

As we’ve come to depend on a handful of commercial varieties of fruits and vegetables, thousands of heirloom varieties have disappeared. It’s hard to know exactly how many have been lost over the past century, but a study conducted in … Continue reading

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Experts link food security to greener farming

Industrial agriculture will not suffice to provide food for a growing world population, say experts. Instead, sustainable and eco-friendly practices should be promoted. This requires a change of mindset in politics. Read

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Disasters Merging: Tropic of Chaos

Read Tropic of Chaos,  Christian Parenti‘s epic new book, revolves around what the author refers to as catastrophic convergence, the “collision of political, economic and environmental disasters.” Catastrophic convergence is a culmination of the compounding and amplifying effects of adverse … Continue reading

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