As the Earth Turns: Going Global with Perennial Polyculture Agriculture


Jackson, who co-founded the research center in 1976 after leaving his job as an environmental studies professor at California State University-Sacramento, believes that shifting from fragile annual monocultures to more hearty perennial grains grown in a mixture of plants (polycultures) is the key to a truly sustainable agriculture. Instead of a brittle industrial agriculture dependent on fossil fuels, Jackson’s research team is working to build a resilient agriculture modeled on natural ecosystems.

A plant geneticist who grew up farming, Jackson’s experiences in the fields and the laboratory give him the credentials to talk authoritatively about how to develop agricultural practices capable of producing healthful food without the soil erosion and contamination that comes with today’s highly toxic conventional agriculture.


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One Response to As the Earth Turns: Going Global with Perennial Polyculture Agriculture

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    Food is life. We have unvarying tendency to over produce profitable items due to our greed but under produce what is really needed. We have to replace greed with need. We should grow diverse perennial vegetation. Annual grain monocultures should be replaced with polycultures of perennial grains and oil seeds.

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